ACCT 422 Hollate Manufacturing Case Study: Ethics-UMUC



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ACCT 422 Hollate Manufacturing Case Study: Ethics-UMUC

ACCT 422 Hollate Manufacturing Case Study: Ethics-UMUC


ACCT 422 Hollate Manufacturing Case Study: Ethics-UMUC

Case Study: Ethics


You will prepare a one- to two-page single spaced report based on your review of the following case study, Hollate Manufacturing Case Study,

Your paper should discuss any ethical issues faced by company employees, or internal or external auditors, incorporating into your discussion codes of ethics such as the Institute’s Code of Ethics and professional accounting rules of conduct. Your paper should also discuss the potential stakeholders affected, and the possible next steps/alternatives that should be taken to resolve any ethical issues. The one- to two-page length requirement excludes the cover page and bibliography.

The paper should have one inch margins and 12 pitch font size. The paper should include a cover page (setting forth the title of the paper, your name, the course number, and the date), and a bibliography. The paper should include a short introductory paragraph, a comprehensive but concise analysis of the topic, and a short conclusion paragraph. The paper should be in paragraph format, please do not list items in bullet format or otherwise create unnecessary empty space.

Any references used should be from authoritative sources, such as from business and accounting periodicals – not merely statements from an individual’s Web page. Wikipedia or other online encyclopedias, and technical manuals may not be used as references.

The paper, including citations and bibliographical reference, is to be done according to the APA rules of style. Research sources as well as the APA rules of style can be found using the UMUC Library Services. The APA style can be found at

The student should take care to avoid issues of academic dishonesty and plagiarism. A paper is not created through the use of copy and paste materials from the Internet but rather by carefully considering sources and personally writing the narrative, uniting topics from our class with current events and the work of other authors. NOTE:  You cannot recycle a paper from a prior class/course or semester.  Your paper for this class must be original, and must be your own work.  All sources must be properly cited.

Consulting the UMUC Guide to Writing and Research is highly recommended and can be found at: You should also thoroughly read UMUC’s module on How to Avoid Plagiarism, which can be found in the Course Content area under the Writing Resources link.