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AED 201 Entire Course

AED 201 Entire Course


AED 201 Full Course

AED 201 Week 1 Checkpoint Teaching as a Professional Career

AED 201 Week 1 Discussion 1

Post your response to the following:  Identify internal and/or external rewards that impact recruitment and retention of quality teachers. How do such rewards influence recruitment or retention? How might these rewards shift as new accountability-centered teacher reforms are proposed (such as merit pay and competency testing)?

AED 201 Week 1 Discussion 2

Post your response to the following:  In your opinion, will teacher reforms (such as comprehensive testing of teachers or requiring ongoing professional development) attract or intimidate individuals from joining the teaching profession? How do the reforms affect your own desire to enter the profession? Explain your answers.

AED 201 Week 2 checkpoint managing a daily teaching schedule part 1

AED 201 Week 2 Exercise

AED 201 Week 2 Assignment Interview with Teaching Professional

AED 201 Week 3 Checkpoint Learning Needs of Diverse Students

AED 201 Week 3 Discussion 1

Is it best to adjust instruction to teach in accordance with individual learning styles, or should students experience and be encouraged to participate in activities that require learning styles other than those they naturally prefer? In other words, if a child’s preferred learning style is visual and field independent (prefers to work alone), should all instruction be based on visual, independent activities, or should the student also be accountable for participation in group activities that incorporate other modes of learning (for example, bodily/kinesthetic, auditory, and so forth)? Explain your answer then respectfully respond to a classmate’s post with an opposing viewpoint.,

AED 201 Week 3 Discussion 2

What factors influence how educational experiences of boys differ from educational experiences of girls? Respond to a classmate’s post from the perspective of either a school-aged boy or girl; identify which perspective you represent, and explain why you agree or disagree with your classmate’s post.,

AED 201 Week 4 Checkpoint Socioeconomic Status, Stud. Achieve

AED 201 Week 4 Checkpoint History of American Education

AED 201 Week 4 Assignment Characteristics of At-Risk Students

AED 201 Week 5 Checkpoint Govern. Effecting Change in Schools

AED 201 Week 5 Discussion 1

Determine which factors may explain that most of the higher per-pupil expenditures are found in the Northeastern and upper Midwest states and the lower per-pupil expenditures are found in the South and West. In your opinion, what needs to happen to create a balance in school funding across regions?,

AED 201 Week 5 Discussion 2

Many U.S. citizens believe that parents and students should have the right to school choice. Others, however, believe school choice will create greater stratification and segregation among public schools. (For example, strong schools will have better equipped students and weaker schools will have more challenging, less-prepared students).

Consult the roster posted in the below to determine the school choice viewpoint assigned to you.  After reviewing Ch. 8 and Internet articles relating to school vouchers, post an informed statement from a parent’s point of view that is meant to persuade voters to support your position.

Respond respectfully to a classmate’s post as if you are a teacher with the opposite point of view. Explain why you are opposed to your classmate’s statement.,

AED 201 Week 6 Exercise Teacher Liability

AED 201 Week 6 Assignment Rights & Responsibilities of Educators & Students

AED 201 Week 7 Checkpoint Technology Use Timeline

AED 201 Week 7 Discussion 1

Are there certain curricular areas in which technology is more useful than in others? Explain your answer.,

AED 201 Week 7 Discussion 2

According to Ch. 12 of the text, there are barriers that prevent the implementation of technology in classrooms. Based on your experiences or observations, what barriers exist that are not mentioned in Ch.12? Discuss possible solutions to these barriers. You may want to use the Internet to research this topic.

AED 201 Week 8 Exercise Characteristics of Effective Classrooms

AED 201 Week 8 Assignment Mentoring vs Induction Programs

AED 201 Week 9 Capstone DQ

AED 201 Week 9 Final Project Professional Development Plan