ART 102 Complete Week Assignments Pack-POST



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ART 102 Complete Week Assignments Pack-POST

ART 102 Complete Week Assignments Pack-POST


ART 102 Unit 3 Assignment Latest-POST

Starting in Unit 3, we start to see a growing number of artists who are really getting creative when looking for personal style and subject matter from all over Europe, and they all have so much artwork created during their careers that we don’t get to see.

This week, choose one ARTIST from Unit 3 that you think is unique in style, subject matter, or technique. Find one painting by that artist that have not been seen in the course materials, and write an essay analyzing their work.

Following the pattern of analyzing paintings from the slide show presentations, present a detailed overview of your artist’s work based on what you see. You don’t have to worry about historical documentation here! Write it as if you are in a museum with a friend, and you are describing a painting based on what you’ve learned in class! You will be able to use this assignment as content in your final presentation.

ART 102 Unit 5 Assignment Latest-POST

The artistic styles of Neoclassicism and Romanticism seem to be at polar opposites with each other for many reasons.

The best example of their differences is in the artwork of one artist: Jacques-Louis David. David is classified as the epitome of Neoclassical art.

However, his painting The Death of Marat is undeniably an example of Romanticism. Your task is to compare and contrast the Romantic style of David’s The Death of Marat with another of David’s Neoclassical paintings of your choice (you can use one from the slide presentation or search for another on your own: there are a lot out there!).

Historical data is not necessary for this essay: this is another “tell me what you see” critique, using the knowledge you have acquired in deciphering artwork in this class. You will be able to use this assignment as part of your final project.

ART 102 Unit 7 Assignment Latest-POST

Take a virtual trip to Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City! As you have already seen through the online articles, The Met has an extensive online catalog of their collections. For this week’s assignment, your job is to navigate their site and search for a piece of art in their online collection representing one of the artists or “-isms” represented in Unit 7.

Choose an art piece that we haven’t seen in this Unit already (or pieces if you want to explore more than one!), and write an essay critiquing the work based on what you have learned. This is another essay that does not require historical data: this is a search and discovery assignment.

Take plenty of time to explore the website of the museum and see how they organize their collection online for anyone to use (their website is one of the best for online access to their collection).

Pretend you are on this virtual tour with a friend, and you are talking about a piece of art you have discovered based on what you have learned in this course. Also, include in your essay your process in navigating the website, and what you thought of it. You will be able to use this assignment as part of your final project.

ART 102 Unit 8 Assignment Latest-POST

Your final assignment is to complete the curation of your online art exhibition that has artwork representing each Unit in chronological order. Using the unit outlines as a guide, organize an image presentation where each of the units are represented (at least two images per Unit). Be creative, and generate an exhibition that represents your personal tastes and what you have discovered throughout the course.

Choose two artists or artistic styles from each Unit and search for art online that you can relate to and discuss, based on how you have learned to evaluate the art in each Unit. For each image selected, write a brief appraisal, as if you were a critic. Put the facts and figures aside, and describe your personal reactions to each piece, as if you were visiting a museum with a friend and expressing your reactions based on the knowledge you have acquired.

Accompanying the image presentation, write a final paper linked to the discoveries of your presentation, with appraisals for each Unit as well as a final reflection on what you have learned, including new knowledge or discoveries.

Your rubric and grading criteria are attached. This is worth 35% of your final grade, so please ensure that all aspects are covered. Pose any question to the “Ask the Instructor” forum. The final product will include:

1. Presentation

  • Cover slide
  • Sections based on era
    • Images/photos of the era (one image per slide)
    • Brief description of the piece
      • APA citations covering any needed resources
  • APA formatted reference slide(s)

2. Written document

  • Cover page
  • Sections linked to presentation slides
    • Brief appraisal
    • Personal reaction
    • Reflection
  • Reflection on what you learned; including new knowledge or discoveries
  • APA formatted reference page(s)