BUS 303 Module 3 Discussion Latest-Trident



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BUS 303 Module 3 Discussion Latest-Trident

BUS 303 Module 3 Discussion Latest-Trident


BUS 303 Module 3 Discussion Latest-Trident

Negative Messages

Think of a time when you had to write a negative letter, or when you received one – but not a letter having legal implications, such as terminating employment or threatening disciplinary action. Such a letter should not be discussed in this open forum.

What made the letter effective? What lessened its effectiveness? To what extent did it achieve the goal of conveying unpleasant news, while maintaining the recipient’s goodwill? Be sure to mention, and prioritize, all of the factors relevant to your analysis.

As before, you should support your analysis using the module sources, identifying each source with an in-text citation. There’s no need to place the full reference at the bottom of your posting if the reference appears in the module; otherwise, it’s required.

Your analysis should be complete, concise, and logical. You should use proper English; avoid slang, jargon, and Webspeak.

Please comment on your classmates’ postings using the criteria above. Your comments should be concise, logical, positive, and relevant to the discussion.

Discussion 3 Expectations

Respond to the topic in an informed, rigorous and professional manner. Your response should demonstrate an application of the concepts related to negative communication as well as a reflection of your personal experience.

Discussion General Expectations

In each discussion forum, students are expected to respond to the topic by providing an informed, rigorous, and professional post. These should be around 100-150 words. In addition, students are required to respond at least 3 times to your classmates’ posts in a similarly informed, rigorous and professional manner.