BUS 372 GCU Topic 2 DQs Latest



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BUS 372 GCU Topic 2 DQs Latest

BUS 372 GCU Topic 2 DQs Latest


BUS 372 GCU Topic 2 DQ 1 Latest

Create a list that outlines at least five of the expenses and 3-5 forms of revenue you anticipate for the event you are planning. Be sure to include a brief summary of the event followed by the list of specific expenses and revenue forms. Research each expense and revenue form and estimated the dollars you will spend on expenses along with the amount of revenue you predict you can generate for each form of revenue. Review your classmates’ lists and comment on additions they could make based on items they may have overlooked or not considered. Share findings from your research that may be helpful to others.

BUS 372 GCU Topic 2 DQ 2 Latest

Navigating Faith and Work: As an event planner, you are trusted to be the steward of another’s resources. It is the responsibility of the event planner to be financially responsible and utilize every dollar with the utmost care. Matthew 25:46 reminds us that the faithful and wise servant is placed in responsibility over the house. Using these ideas and principles along with the Topic Materials, identify and describe key cost control measures that sports event managers can practice. Provide two concrete examples that you intend to implement as you plan your event.