BUS 372 GCU Topic 3 DQs Latest



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BUS 372 GCU Topic 3 DQs Latest

BUS 372 GCU Topic 3 DQs Latest


BUS 372 GCU Topic 3 DQ 1 Latest

Research methods of using digital media and technology to generate revenue and participation in the event you are planning and as a method of involving the community and securing and motivating volunteers. Some sites to visit as you learn about how to generate revenue and participation could include Go Fund Me or Facebook. As you look at sites related to community involvement and securing volunteers, consider Volunteer Match, Twitter, or Pinterest.

Using what you learn, select at least two specific social media techniques that could be applied to the event you are planning. Explain how you could utilize these tools to generate revenue and participation, encourage community involvement, and secure volunteers by posting sample posts, blog entries, video clips, etc. in the Main Forum for your peers to review. Provide your classmates with feedback related to the effectiveness of their fictional social media content and offer suggestions about additional ways to utilize social media in their events.

BUS 372 GCU Topic 3 DQ 2 Latest

Navigating Faith and Work: 1 Peter 4:9 says, “Show hospitality to one another without grumbling.” One important way to maximize event revenue is to follow the key principle of treating everyone at the event with an attitude of hospitality. As you think about the event you are planning, brainstorm ways to make it accessible to everyone in the community, regardless of their financial status. Share three specific examples of how you can show hospitality to all who want to be involved in the event while still maximizing revenue and ensuring a positive experience for all event participants.