BUS 372 GCU Topic 6 DQs Latest



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BUS 372 GCU Topic 6 DQs Latest

BUS 372 GCU Topic 6 DQs Latest


BUS 372 GCU Topic 6 DQ 1 Latest

As the event organizer, one of your primary responsibilities will be to ensure that your event gets off to a good start. Typically, events begin by welcoming participants and spectators and thanking the local community, sponsors, and volunteers for the role, they are playing in the event. Post the opening remarks you could use to launch the event. Provide your peers with feedback about their opening remarks including additions they could make to their remarks along with comments about ways they can improve upon their ceremonial opening.

BUS 372 GCU Topic 6 DQ 2 Latest

Using the Sports Business Journal or another industry resource, find a relevant article that discusses the use of digital media in sports marketing. Summarize the article and include a link to it. Explain whether you think similar marketing strategies could be used for an event like the one you are planning. Provide examples of why the technique may or may not be effective in marketing your event.