BUS 375 Exam 3 Latest-Strayer



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BUS 375 Exam 3 Latest-Strayer

BUS 375 Exam 3 Latest-Strayer


BUS 375 Exam 3 Latest-Strayer

Exam 3

Question 1 Which of the following is NOT one of the potential responses to a specific risk event?

Question 2 Organizations use __________ in conjunction with work breakdown structures to help management teams identify and eventually analyze risk.

Question 3 The chances of a risk event occurring as a project proceeds through its life cycle tend to

Question 4 Which of the following is NOT involved in risk control?

Question 5 Which of the following activities might you consider adding a time buffer to?

Question 6 Funds that are for identified risks that have a low probability of occurring and that decrease as the project progresses are called ______ reserves.

Question 7 _______________ focuses on how to respond to events that have a positive impact on a project.

Question 8 The cost impact of a risk event occurring as a project proceeds through its life cycle tends to

Question 9 The attempt to recognize and manage potential and unforeseen trouble spots that may occur when a project is implemented is known as

Question 10 All of the following are types of resource constraints EXCEPT

Question 11 A project budget report is showing our project as spending $35,000 against a budgeted amount of $40,000. Which of the following is true?

Question 12 In a resource-constrained project, which of the following is most likely to be changed?

Question 13 Rachel is working on a project that technically allows three activities to be done at the same time. If they were to be implemented at the same time, she would need 5 contractors in order for the activities to be completed on time. There are only 3 available for her to use. This is an example of what type of constraint?

Question 14 Which of the following is NOT a potential consequence of failing to identify limited resources before project implementation?

Question 15 Most of the scheduling methods available today require the project manager to classify the project as either _______ constrained or ______ constrained.

Question 16 Why is it necessary to have a time-phased budget baseline?

Question 17 In reviewing the status of her project with top management, Shirley was told that there are only two programmers that she can use for her project. Her project is classified as __________ constrained.

Question 18 When the project team is salaried, which of the following is the preferred choice for accelerating project completion?

Question 19 Before crashing, direct costs for an activity represent normal costs, which typically mean low-cost, efficient methods for completing the activity in a(n) ________ amount of time.

Question 20 Which of the following projects would be least benefited if additional resources were added?

Question 21 Which of the following correctly calculates an activity’s cost slope?

Question 22 When determining which activity to crash, there are other factors that should be assessed beyond cost. Which of the following is NOT one of these factors?

Question 23 An activity’s normal time and cost are 8 and $100, respectively. Its estimated crash time and cost are 6 and $160, respectively. What is this activity’s crash cost per time unit?

Question 24 Without any formal planning, the president of a software company remarks in a speech that new technologically advanced software will be available in one year. This may lead to a project that must be done faster than anticipated. This is an example of reducing project duration caused by

Question 25 As a project is crashed and project duration is reduced, direct costs typically