BUS 375 Exam 4 Latest-Strayer



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BUS 375 Exam 4 Latest-Strayer

BUS 375 Exam 4 Latest-Strayer


BUS 375 Exam 4 Latest-Strayer

Exam 4

Question 1 A well-defined project that encounters no significant surprises would require little

Question 2 Which of the following is used at Hewlett-Packard for building relationships with key players that will determine a project’s success?

Question 3 In terms of commonly traded organizational currencies, sharing personnel, undertaking unwanted tasks, and providing technical knowledge are examples of ______-related currencies.

Question 4 A high-ranking manager who advocates the project and uses her or his influence to gain approval of the project is a project

Question 5 Project success or failure often is reliant upon the contributions of all of the following groups of stakeholders EXCEPT

Question 6 Which metaphor best captures the role of a project manager?

Question 7 The following are necessary when mapping dependencies or building a social network EXCEPT

Question 8 The earned value of a project is the

Question 9 Which of the following methods will measure the scheduling efficiency of the work accomplished to date?

Question 10 Which performance index is the most potentially misleading?

Question 11 Baseline project budgets are derived from

Question 12 When someone familiar with each task estimates what percent of the task has been completed or how much of the task remains, they are creating a method for assigning costs to the baseline called the

Question 13 A project manager notices that $1,000 worth of work that was scheduled to be completed at this time has not been accomplished. They know this by looking at the

Question 14 Individual rewards for outstanding work would NOT include

Question 15 The essential qualities of an effective vision include all of the following EXCEPT

Question 16 When project managers impose a solution to dysfunctional conflict after listening to each party, they are __________ the conflict.

Question 17 Experience and research indicate that high-performance project teams are much more likely to develop under all the following conditions EXCEPT

Question 18 Strategies to manage dysfunctional conflict do NOT include _____ the conflict.

Question 19 The biggest challenge to managing a virtual project team is

Question 20 Which part of the final report includes backup data or details of analysis that would allow others to follow up if they wished?

Question 21 Which part of the final report is designed to be the most useful on future projects?

Question 22 Which of the following would NOT be appropriate to assess when evaluating team performance?

Question 23 Which of the following summarizes project performance and provides useful information for continuous improvement?

Question 24 __________ of lessons learned are designed to improve performance on current and future projects.

Question 25 Before an evaluation of the project team can be effective and useful, a minimum core of conditions needs to be in place before the project begins. Which of the following would NOT be one of those conditions?