BUSN 318 What advice would you offer the Sloans?



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BUSN 318 What advice would you offer the Sloans?

Read the following situation then answer the questions as part of well written essay (250-500 words). Include sources and citations where appropriate and a reference list at the end of your essay.  Adhere to APA 6th ed. formatting.

The In the Spotlight feature in this chapter featured Li’l Guy Foods, which was acquired by Tortilla King, a larger company. This acquisition was part of a merger involving Li’l Guy Foods and three other top Mexican food brands in the Midwest. After the merger, Tortilla King held 20 percent of the market share in Kansas City. Christina and David Sloan, grandchildren of Li’l Guy Foods’ founders, were given seats on Tortilla King’s six-member board and continue to work for the company.

“We’re so excited about all of this,” said Christina, Li’l Guy vice president and sales director. “This will ensure the
longevity of our brand.”

What would be the reasons for and against Christina and David Sloan working for Tortilla King?

What advice would you offer the Sloans?