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1. (TCO 3) Jo files a suit against Lara in a Missouri state court. Lara’s only connection to Missouri is an ad on the Web originating in Nebraska. For Missouri to exercise jurisdiction, the issue is whether Lara, through her ad, has

2. (TCO 3) Sam, a citizen of New Mexico, wants to file a suit against Tanya, a citizen of Texas. Their diversity of citizenship may be a basis for

3. (TCO 3) Sam, a citizen of Tennessee, files a suit in a Tennessee state court against United Sales Corporation, a Wyoming company that does business in Tennessee. The court has original jurisdiction, which means that

4. (TCO 3) Marbled Granite Company files a suit against Natural Stone, Inc., in a Colorado court with general jurisdiction. In a Delaware court with limited jurisdiction, E-Sales Corporation files a suit against First State Bank. The difference between general and limited jurisdiction is

5. (TCO 3) The Idaho Supreme Court rules against Jiffy Mart in a case against Kwik Stop Stores, Inc. Jiffy Mart files an appeal with the United States Supreme Court. The Court does not hear the case. This

6. (TCO 1) Cook’s Pantry Appliances, a retail store, must use reasonable care on its premises to warn its patrons of

7. (TCO 1) Rex, an accountant, enters into a contract to provide services to Sofi. Rex does not finish the work within the contract’s deadline. Sofi pays a penalty as a result of the missed deadline and hires Trey to complete the job. Rex is most likely liable for

8. (TCO 1) Gert, an accountant, contracts to conduct an audit for Hailey. In performing the audit, Gert fails to detect certain misconduct. Gert is most likely

9. (TCO 1) Leon files a suit against Moira, a medical doctor, alleging negligence. As a physician, Moira is held to the standard of

10. (TCO 1) Pluto accuses Quark, an accountant, of committing defalcation. This is

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