COM 301 Unit 1 Discussions Latest



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COM 301 Unit 1 Discussions Latest

COM 301 Unit 1 Discussions Latest


COM 301 Unit 1 Discussion 1 Latest

Explore your relationship with your cell phone. What role does it play in your daily life and what functions does it serve? Connect your observations with the concepts of convergence and interactivity discussed in your textbook. More specifically, provide examples/instances of how convergence and interactivity play out in the daily uses and functions of your cell phone.

COM 301 Unit 1 Discussion 2 Latest

After watching the 60 minutes segment “The March of the Machines,” reflect on how technology has and is changing our cultural environments and interpersonal communication. In addition, explore your thoughts on the role of robots and other technology in the current workforce. Do you think robots will soon replace the majority of the workforce in America? If so, what will the impact be on our society?