COM 301 Unit 3 Discussions Latest



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COM 301 Unit 3 Discussions Latest

COM 301 Unit 3 Discussions Latest


COM 301 Unit 3 Discussion 1 Latest

What is your reaction to George Gerbner’s theory of the “Mean World Syndrome?” Identify a real world situation you’ve experienced that would support his theory.

COM 301 Unit 3 Discussion 2 Latest

In the video clip from “Tough Guise,” Jackson Katz explores the idea of masculinity in the American culture. What connections can you make between his theories and the “cultivation effect” discussed in your text as well as the article by Erica Goode in the unit resources? Reflect on your own ideas of gender. Where do you think the ideas come from and how much of a role do media play in cultivating certain attitudes and perceptions about gender in our culture?