COM 301 Unit 6 Discussions Latest



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COM 301 Unit 6 Discussions Latest

COM 301 Unit 6 Discussions Latest


COM 301 Unit 6 Discussion 1 Latest

Read the case study “Unviable Business Model” and explore your own relationship with downloading and experiencing music. What are your thoughts on peer-to-peer music sharing? Do you believe artists and the music industry suffer when consumers share music illegally or download music from sources like itunes? Or is it the consumers right to use alternative sources to download music? Can the music industry survive the digital revolution like other mediums have?

COM 301 Unit 6 Discussion 2 Latest

What do you make of Jay Z’s ‘Picasso Baby’ performance art piece? Is music performance the ultimate form of visual art and where does this fit in with the more commercialized forms we are used to viewing? Are recording artists like Lady Gaga, known for her costumes and theatrical stage performances, becoming the norm in the music industry? What do you make of Wu-Tang Clan’s unconvential distribution model featured in this unit’s resources? Does music belong in a museum and be considered high-art?