COM 301 Unit 7 Discussions Latest



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COM 301 Unit 7 Discussions Latest

COM 301 Unit 7 Discussions Latest


COM 301 Unit 7 Discussion 1 Latest

After viewing the two news segments on the impact of reality television (“Reality Television’s Bad Influence” and “Do Reality Shows Make Teen Girls ‘Mean Girls'”) speculate on the validity of the claims. What is your perspective on the impact of this type of programming? As a medium, do you believe television has the greatest power to socialize? If so, what makes it so powerful and influential?

COM 301 Unit 7 Discussion 2 Latest

After reading the Neilson report “Action Figures: How second screens are transforming television viewing,” think about your own television viewing habits. How do you measure up to this data? What is the typical way you experience viewing television and what other mediums do you combine with the activity? What do you make of the article “Disney Encourages Kids to Play Games in the Theater during ‘The Little Mermaid'” in connection with the Neilson report?