GEOG 101 Geography and Architecture



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GEOG 101 Geography and Architecture

This project requires you to conduct research on one of the two topics described below. You will then assess, summarize, and present your research findings in PowerPoint format. This will be similar to writing a research paper, except that your material will be presented in a more visual medium. As such, you will have to distill your main points down to a fairly small amount of text, and provide support for your findings using tools such as maps, photographs, diagrams, graphs, and tables. Just like a research paper, your presentation should include slides that contain a title, introduction to the topic, main body, summary and conclusions, and references. Creative use of properly citedgraphics and photos from the Internet that are relevant to your topic is encouraged. Your presentation should be 12-15 slides in length, not including reference slide and/or photo credit slide(s). You may choose either of the following topics:

Option 1: Geography & Architecture

One of the most visible differences in human settlements around the world is the variation in building styles found in different locations—the distinctive architecture that is the result of climate, available resources, cultural traditions, regional preferences, and a host of other factors. Of course, many architectural styles can now be found in areas far from where they originated, indicating geographical processes related to the spatial transfer of ideas and technology.

Please create a presentation that will focus on a particular style of architecture, construction, or design. Of course, this is a geography class, so you will be focusing on the spatial aspects of the topic, and incorporating geographical concepts from the class. In particular, you should think about the following terms when preparing your presentation:

1. Cultural landscape/Cultural Ecology
2. Diffusion
3. Distance decay
4. Climate
5. Natural Resources

How have these geographical characteristics or processes affected architecture?

The project will be graded on the following basis:

Synthesis of concepts:
Presentation showed a clear understanding of the chosen topic. Ideas are clearly and properly organized.

Use of technology:
Student demonstrated ability to use PowerPoint software to create an organized, visually-appealing slide presentation. Creative ideas are incorporated into the presentation.

Clear citations:
References to the course text or to other materials were properly cited. Images that originate from a third-party are cited specifically, either along with the image itself, or on a “Photo Credits” slide.

Writing standards:
The writing was grammatically correct, clear and concise. The presentation was well formulated, and easy to read and understand. Correct terminology was used when needed.