GEOG 101 Tukey: Geography and Role of Transportation in Development



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GEOG 101 Tukey: Geography and Role of Transportation in Development

This project requires you to conduct research on one of the two topics described below. You will then
assess, summarize, and present your research findings in PowerPoint format. This will be similar to
writing a research paper, except that your material will be presented in a more visual medium. As such,
you will have to distill your main points down to a fairly small amount of text, and provide support for
your findings using tools such as maps, photographs, diagrams, graphs, and tables. Just like a research
paper, your presentation should include slides that contain a title, introduction to the topic, main body,
summary and conclusions, and references. Creative use of properly cited graphics and photos from the
Internet that are relevant to your topic is encouraged. Your presentation should be 12-15 slides in length,
not including reference slide and/or photo credit slide(s). You may choose either of the following topics:
Geography is an academic discipline that focuses on spatial distribution and spatial variation. Not
surprisingly, the distribution of populations, cultures, and economic activities on the Earth’s surface is
closely dependent upon the ability of people to move from one place to another. History is rife with
examples of important cities that have developed and grown as a result of their ability to serve as
ports and/or transportation hubs. The development of railroads and highways around the world has
allowed some areas to grow in population and flourish economically, while others have languished.
Many regions, and in some cases, entire countries, have remained “under-developed” due, at least in
part, to an inadequate transportation network. On a smaller scale, different cities have developed
differently as a result of the dominant modes of transport. For example, cities that grew largely during
an era of automotive transport tend to be quite different from those that came to prominence during
the days of streetcars or horse-drawn carriages.
Obviously, you will not be able to cover all aspects of transportation and geography around the world,
so you will need to focus. You could, and probably should, research a particular city, region, or country.
Depending upon the breadth of your topic you may want to focus on a particular mode of transport,
or even a particular road, railway, harbor, or airport. The key point is that you should demonstrate the
role that transportation has played in developing the geography of an area, and vice versa. You should
try to incorporate key terms and concepts that we have covered in the course where possible, such as:
1. cultural landscape
2. functional region
3. agglomeration
4. hinterland
5. migration
6. relocation diffusion
7. frontier
8. core/periphery relationships