HIT 120 DeVry Complete Week Discussions Package



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HIT 120 DeVry Complete Week Discussions Package


HIT 120 DeVry Complete Week Discussions Package

HIT 120 DeVry Week 1 Discussion 1

Evolution of Healthcare (graded)

In this first thread, we will explore the healthcare system in the United States (US). As you will learn by reading chapter 11 in Sayles’ textbook, healthcare services have evolved over the years and the US has become one of the world leaders in healthcare technologies. Yet, we face various challenges in terms of access, cost, and quality. Learning about healthcare system in general is important for a health information professional for many reasons:

  1. We work in healthcare, so we need to know our work environment and adapt accordingly;
  2. Many HIT and coding practices vary depending on the type of healthcare setting;
  3. Learning about the healthcare system helps you understand the big picture and the impact of health information technology in patient care;
  4. General knowledge about healthcare systems along with HIT or coding specialization prepares you to move up the ladder and advance your career.

In starting this topic, identify and elaborate on some of the healthcare challenges. In your responses, reflect on your textbook readings as well as any other literature and your experiences.

HIT 120 DeVry Week 1 Discussion 2

Health Information Professionals (graded)

This topic is dedicated to discussing the role of health information professionals, medical coders, and billers. What do you know about these professions? What education is required to work in these professions? What certifications or credentials are required or preferred? What job skills are required to accommodate the shift towards greater automation and the electronic medical record environment?

HIT 120 DeVry Week 2 Discussion 1

Forces Affecting Healthcare (graded)

United States healthcare delivery is affected by multiple forces, including legislation (particularly, healthcare-related laws), technology, medical and biological advances, and professional associations. In this topic, we will discuss some of these forces and their impact on healthcare delivery. In starting this topic, select one healthcare law presented in your resources; discuss when it came into effect and what it is about; and its impact in healthcare then and today.

In your response, demonstrate understanding of Sayles’ Chapter 11, pages 651-660. Use the Flash Timeline tool available in the lecture, and any other resources as needed.

HIT 120 DeVry Week 2 Discussion 2

Hospital Structure and Operation (graded)

Hospitals are one of the major healthcare delivery settings. In this topic, explain the definition of a hospital; discuss various types of hospitals based on size, services provided, or ownership; and discuss the evolution of hospitals in the U.S. over the years. In your response, refer to Sayles Chapter 11, pages 671-673.

HIT 120 DeVry Week 3 Discussion 1

Health Record Purpose, Format & Usage (graded)

After studying Sayles chapter 2, discuss primary and secondary purposes of the health record and the importance of health information. Why is there an investment in health information and the health information profession? What is the value of health information? Why did the Federal Government invest millions of dollars in Health Information Technology as part of the HITECH Act of 2009?

HIT 120 DeVry Week 3 Discussion 2

Health Record Functions & Data Attributes (graded)

Discuss functions of the health record. Connect functions of the health records to the quality of data and information in the health record. How do these functions support the purpose of health records?

HIT 120 DeVry Week 4 Discussion 1

Healthcare Information Systems & Their Development (graded)

General Hospital has determined that within three years, it will replace the nurses’ paper documentation with an electronic system. Nurses will use the new system to document progress notes on the patient, vital signs, and any other nursing care activities. The new system needs to communicate with the patient registration, admission, discharge, and transfer system (R-ADT) as well as support the clinical decision support system (CDSS). General Hospital is in the process of creating a committee in order to start the process of analysis and defining the requirements of the system. The committee will follow the process of the systems development life cycle (SDLC). You have been appointed to this committee and before giving your contribution to this project, need to understand and explain the information systems and the Systems Development Life Cycle. Describe different types of systems being discussed and explain the category they fit in (operations support, enterprise-wide, or management support information system). Identify the SDLC phases and provide a thorough description of each phase, including basic activities that occur in each phase.

HIT 120 DeVry Week 4 Discussion 2

Databases & Other Information Systems Components (graded)

After studying Sayles, pages 879-887, explain what is a database and what is it used for? What is the difference between relational databases, object-oriented databases, and object-relational databases? What are the basic functions of a database? Give an example of a database and tell us if it is a relational, object-oriented, or object-relational database.

HIT 120 DeVry Week 5 Discussion 1

Healthcare Information Applications (graded)

Describe and discuss the four basic categories of information systems applications used in healthcare, clinical information systems, administrative information systems, management support systems, research, and data analytics systems. In your response, refer to Sayles, pages 910-926.

HIT 120 DeVry Week 5 Discussion 2

Transformation to Centralized HIM (graded)

Read and discuss the Real-World Case adapted from the presentation “In Search of eHIM: A Case Study of Transformation to a Centralized HIM Record Archival and EDMS Processing Center in Multihospital Network” at AHIMA’s 79th National Convention, as shared in Sayles, page 941.

HIT 120 DeVry Week 6 Discussion 1

Principles of Ethics (graded)

Have the principles of ethical practice been a cornerstone for the HIT profession?

HIT 120 DeVry Week 6 Discussion 2

How or how not? HIPAA (graded)

Compare and contrast privacy, confidentiality, and security as addressed by HIPAA. Illustrate with examples.

HIT 120 DeVry Week 7 Discussion 1

Quality and Performance Improvement (graded)

Explain performance improvement in healthcare and how it supports licensure, accreditation, and certification of healthcare organizations.

HIT 120 DeVry Week 7 Discussion 2

Final Exam Review (graded)

In preparation for the final exam in week 8, review prior content related to health information, healthcare delivery in the United States, and healthcare information systems.