HIT 120 DeVry Course Project



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HIT 120 DeVry Course Project


HIT 120 DeVry Course Project

HIT 120 DeVry Course Project


Apply knowledge gained pertaining to healthcare services in the United States, users of health information, information systems, and their use in healthcare.


For the Course Project, you are asked to research a healthcare organization along with an information system used at this facility. Your report should identify the type of healthcare setting, identify services offered, identify users of health information and their needs, discuss how user needs are met, and describe a system used in this facility and key system components and their functions. Application of knowledge attained in this class will support your ability to critically analyze your findings, to assess the strengths and weaknesses of this organization’s health information system, and provide recommendations for improvement as may be appropriate to the situation. This project is valued at 180 points (18% of your grade).

Examples of the types of healthcare organization that may be appropriate subjects for this type of project include hospitals, hospital systems, integrated healthcare systems, multispecialty medical clinics, physician group practice offices, ambulatory surgical centers, mental health service providers, public health clinics, rehabilitation or long-term care facilities, insurance companies, pharmacies, Urgent care clinics, etc. The organization chosen must be complex enough to offer sufficient challenge and must be realistic in terms of information available at a level needed to complete the project in the required time frame. For example, an assisted living facility that does not make use of information systems would not be appropriate for this project. There is no need to, nor would it be appropriate to access any confidential patient information in order to complete the project. Students who are not able to interview an HIM professional or other healthcare practitioners or administrators may use AHIMA resources, articles, and case studies available online or library resources, and reach out to the professor for more guidance.

For successful completion of the project, please follow the guidelines below and comply with the criteria listed in the grading rubric for deliverables, organization, grammar, and resourcefulness.

  1. Describe and analyze the chosen healthcare facility. (20 points)
    • Location – where is the organization located.
    • Type of setting – acute care hospital, skilled nursing facility, physicians office, surgical center, insurance company, etc.
    • Size of the facility – research the number of beds if applicable or other information on the size.
    • Ownership – private, government owned, proprietary, voluntary, etc.
    • Population served
    • Services offered
    • Any accreditation or certification facts (You can find these from the organization’s website
    • Work on this section after completing Week 2 content and reviewing Chapter 11 – Draft due on Week 4, Completed in Week 7.
  2. Describe users of the health information at this organization. (20 points)
    • Physicians
    • Nurses
    • Administrators
    • Support services
    • External users depending on the type of the facility (such as accrediting agencies, payors, state department of health, CMS, and others as applicable).
    • Any other users not listed above (therapists, pharmacists, etc.)
    • Clarify whether this facility has paper medical records only, electronic only, or both.
    • If the facility has paper records, describe how users access these records.
    • If the facility has electronic records, describe how users access these records.
    • Work on this section after completing Week 3 content and reviewing Chapter 2 – Draft due on Week 4, Completed in Week 7.
  3. Discuss at least one information system used in the facility. (50 points)
  • Identify the name of the system and the vendor (e.g., Chart Locator software by 3M, Sunrise software by Eclipsys, etc.).
  • Identify the type of system (e.g., registration, billing, coding, computerized physician order entry [CPOE], nursing system, picture archiving communication system [PACS], medication administration, finance system, etc.).
  • Classify the system (to the best of your ability) based on the description you are given (e.g., clinical, administrative, decision support, transaction-processing, MIS, EIS, etc.) and what you have learned from Sayles, chapters 14 and 15.
  • Describe the function of the system as explained by the interviewer or other sources of information.
    • What is their purpose, or what functions do they perform?
    • Does it connect or interface with other systems?
    • Is it user friendly?
    • Is the system secure?
    • Do vendors support the maintenance and updates of the system?
  • Describe strengths (e.g., ask about benefits of using this system; has it made a difference in the way care is delivered and decisions are made?).
  • Describe weaknesses (e.g., functions that the system does not currently perform and you would like it to perform).
  • Describe any details learned about the planning, design, implementation, and maintenance of this system.
  • Ask if it is possible to obtain copies of a screenshot, policies and procedures, brochures, training guidelines, or anything else that they may be willing to share.
  • Work on this section after completing Weeks 4 and 5 content and reviewing Chapters 14 and 15 – Due on Week 7.
  1. Provide comments and conclusions. (15 points)
    • Reflect on the learning experience as a result of working on this project.
    • Summarize your findings about the organization.
    • Summarize your findings about the system described.
    • Identify key strengths and weaknesses of the system.
    • Identify any opportunities for improvement (based on identification of weaknesses or your knowledge about systems).
    • Work on this section after completing all other sections of the project – Due on Week 7.


First Deliverable: Healthcare facility selection (10 points), due in Week 2

  • Students must select a healthcare organization and state whether this organization has at least one information system, and submit it in the Dropbox.

Second Deliverable: Section 1 & 2 Draft (40 points), due in Week 4

  • Students must complete the description of the healthcare facility selected and users of health information at the facility, and submit it in the Dropbox.

Final Deliverable: Complete project – All sections including those that were submitted as a draft, cover page, conclusions, and references (130 points), due in Week 7

  • Students must complete the project in a Word document, APA format, and submit it in the Dropbox.

Please Note: All deliverables must be submitted as Word Documents in the applicable Dropbox. See the Syllabus section “Due Dates for Assignments & Exams” for due date information.