HRM 592 DeVry Complete Week Discussions Package



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HRM 592 DeVry Complete Week Discussions Package


HRM 592 DeVry Complete Week Discussions Package



HRM 592 DeVry Week 1 Discussion 1 Latest

Strategic Training and Development Process (graded)

Let’s begin by discussing the process of linking our organizational strategy with our training and development process. Take a look at Figure 2.2 on page 66 of the Noe text. How do we begin the strategic training and development process?

Let’s also take a look at some examples of organizations and their training programs. Take some time to research a few organizations of your choice on the Web (if you need some suggestions, you might try General Electric, Pfizer, or Qualcomm). Then do the following for each organization you research. Identify and research:

  • Identify the organization’s mission, values, and goals. Find any information that is provided regarding the company’s training practices and how they relate to the goals and strategies of the organization (hint: many organizations include information about their T & D practices in their Careers sections).
  • Compare and contrast the different organizations that you research, including their approaches. How are their processes similar or different? What elements impact each company’s approach?

HRM 592 DeVry Week 1 Discussion 2 Latest

Future Trends in Training and Development (graded)

Go online and research the future trends relative to the field of T & D. Consider researching professional organizations such as SHRM or ASTD. What predictions do you find? Where do you think the field of T & D is heading? How can T & D help an organization’s competitive advantage?

HRM 592 DeVry Week 2 Discussion 1 Latest

Needs Assessment (graded)

Present some methods of training needs assessment. Imagine you are an operations manager at a manufacturing facility. What method would be best for this type of setting? Who should be involved in this process?

HRM 592 DeVry Week 2 Discussion 2 Latest

Learning Theories (graded)

How do we incorporate adult learning theory into the design of our training programs? What types of training might be more appealing to adults, and why? How does active learning apply?

HRM 592 DeVry Week 3 Discussion 1 Latest

Transfer of Training (graded)

How can we motivate managers to play a more active role in ensuring that transfer of training (TOT) occurs? What could be done to increase the likelihood of TOT if the work environment conditions are unfavorable and cannot be changed? Who is responsible for making sure TOT occurs, and why?

HRM 592 DeVry Week 3 Discussion 2 Latest

Program Design (graded)

Customer service training involves far transfer. What design features would you include in a customer service training program to ensure that transfer of training occurred? Discuss your design thought process.

HRM 592 DeVry Week 4 Discussion 1 Latest

Training Evaluation Design (graded)

What factors influence the choice of evaluation design? Which of these factors would have the greatest influence on your choice of an evaluation design? Which would have the smallest influence? Explain your choices.

HRM 592 DeVry Week 4 Discussion 2 Latest

Quantitative Evaluation (graded)

What advantages accrue to training evaluation that measures return on investment (ROI)? What are some of the obstacles to implementing ROI measures, and how can they be overcome?

HRM 592 DeVry Week 5 Discussion 1 Latest

Training Methods (graded)

What are the strengths and weaknesses of different training methods, such as lectures, case studies, and behavior modeling? When would it be appropriate to use each of these or other training methods? Provide specific examples.

HRM 592 DeVry Week 5 Discussion 2 Latest

Technology in Training (graded)

Explain how technology has changed the learning environment. What are some examples of how technology can assist with training? How might new technologies make it easier to learn? How do they facilitate transfer of training? Provide details.

HRM 592 DeVry Week 6 Discussion 1 Latest

Career Management System (graded)

Why is career management an important element of any organization? How would you go about designing a career management system? What employees and positions should be included in this system?

HRM 592 DeVry Week 6 Discussion 2 Latest

Career Path (graded)

Why do employees plateau? How could you help a plateaued employee? Discuss the characteristics of a plateaued employee who might resist your help.

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HRM 592 DeVry Week 7 Discussion 1 Latest

Employee Retention (graded)

You were asked in the You Decide scenario this week to choose an option to improve employee morale. Which option did you choose, and why? How might employee development impact turnover? Explain your answer.

HRM 592 DeVry Week 7 Discussion 2 Latest

Change Management (graded)

In a fast-paced work environment, technology and processes are constantly changing. What challenges have you faced on the job related to organizational change? How did you handle those changes? What recommendations might you give to a team that is facing a major organizational change? How does change management link to meeting strategic goals?