HSM 310 DeVry Week 4 Application Paper Latest



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HSM 310 DeVry Week 4 Application Paper Latest


HSM 310 DeVry Week 4 Application Paper Latest



HSM 310 DeVry Week 4 Application Paper Latest

Your first paper, due in Week 4, and 500 to 1,000 words (approximately 2 to 4 pages), and in APA formatting, addresses the following: “What Makes a Top 100 Hospital.”

Visit the hospital’s website. Profile the hospital or hospital system of your choice from the top 100 list. Identify the population served, ownership, types of services provided; indicate affiliations with managed care organizations, payer sources. Address other characteristics consistent with course objectives (see below).

You may select a hospital in the area where you live, or you may pick another organization. Think about this assignment as you read this week’s chapter and lecture notes, participate in the discussions. During Week 3, pick the hospital you will profile so you’ll have time to collect your information and prepare your paper for submission in Week 4.

Hospital Characteristics

Some questions to consider as you prepare your paper:

– Who owns the hospital?

– What is the history of the organization?

– What are the stated mission and vision of the hospital?

– Is this a for-profit, not-for-profit, or governmental hospital? Is it church-affiliated?

– What type of services do they provide?

– Are there any ratings on the hospital or services? (Blog?)

– What are the primary forms of funding for the hospital?

– Is the hospital part of a network or a health system?

– What managed care affiliations does the hospital have?

– What is the composition of the Board of Directors, and how are they appointed?

– How many Medical Staff Members are there, and what types of doctors are represented?

– Does the hospital have a foundation?

– What community education does it offer?

– Is the hospital well known for any special service or program?

– What types of jobs are currently available at the hospital? What are some of the most frequent openings?

– What are the hospital’s strategic planning objectives for the year ahead?

Do not feel that you need to answer all of these questions for the hospital which you are studying, but using as many of these questions as possible will help you to prepare a very good profile. You will also be applying key course concepts in the process of writing this paper. Good luck, and enjoy learning more about a “real world” hospital.