HU 2000 Week 5 Assignment Worksheet-UMA



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HU 2000 Week 5 Assignment Worksheet-UMA

HU 2000 Week 5 Assignment Worksheet-UMA


HU 2000 Week 5 Assignment Worksheet-UMA


In this assignment, you will form, develop, and share your position on an ethical issue. For this assignment, you will use the UMA Virtual Library, as well as the Internet or a community library to answer the questions. Be sure to properly cite your resources.


You often hear of ethical issues related to medicine and medical treatment. As a member of the healthcare field, you will probably be asked by family members or friends about your position on these issues. You will practice thinking through an ethical issue and develop your position based on sound reasoning and critical thinking.

Position Paper (50 points)

Directions to complete this assignment:

1. Choose one of the ethical issues listed below.

2. Research the issue using the UMA Virtual Library

3. Determine your position on the issue you choose.

4. Follow the guidelines in Chapter 13 to write a position paper sharing your position and reasoning.

5. In order to receive full credit, your position paper should be at least two paragraphs long

6. Submit both your mapping of the issue and your position paper to the assignment dropbox.

Ethical Issues

1. Should marijuana be legalized?

2. Should parents be allowed to NOT vaccinate their children and if so under what circumstances?

3. Should terminal patients be allowed to have assisted suicides?

4. Should a surrogate mother be allowed to change her mind and keep the baby even though it is not biologically hers?