ISSC 340 AOC Network Proposal



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ISSC 340 AOC Network Proposal

Please see the question below. Read the bold parts really well. The paper needs to be 100% original to avoid any chance of exceeding 15% originality index & 2% per source match when checked for plagiarism.

America One Car (AOC) dealership is moving into a newly built facility in a suburb town of Washington, D.C.. You are retained as a consultant by AOC dealership to design a network solution for their new location. The new facility is assumed to be wired with UTP and fiber, with outlets in specific locations.  The basic network is to be a LAN that serves desktop computers in the general manager’s office, in the salesmen’s area, and the showroom area; mobile devices (laptops, smartphones, tablets, etc.); and various accessories (printers, etc.). A major component of the network is a file server (for storing the sale contracts, and other files).  Of primary importance is the Internet access solution (e.g., leased lines, Cable, DSL, broadband wireless, fiber to the home, satellite). Other components (such as web server, and database server) may be added for completeness (to earn extra credit).

Design a network solution, considering the following:

•Type and topology of LAN

•LAN cabling

•Storage file server: data back-up/archiving, file consistency, file access logs, and data recovery

•Internet access method (assume maximum availability of solutions)

•Security (all pertinent issues)

•Any other specific issues, such as web and database servers (for extra credit)

Your deliverable is a Word document of 4-6 pages (not including the title page and the reference page). It’s required to include in the report a diagram of your network solution, and a table of the components (hardware and software) proposed.  References must be listed and cited in APA format. Please embed the diagram into the Word document.

Your report will be automatically checked against plagiarism upon submission. The final product must follow acceptable originality criteria (no more than 15% originality index & 2% per source match).