ISSC 340 Explore signal handling techniques



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ISSC 340 Explore signal handling techniques

Please answer the question found below in 250 words or more and then provide two additional 100 word responses that add to what you write in the 250 or more words answer. Please ask any questions prior to accepting this question.

The foundation of LANs and all networks is the transmission medium. Transmission media fall into 3 categories: metallic, optical fiber and the open space. Metallic media are in 2 legacy types: coax and twisted pair, with a 3rd emerging type: powerline. Transmission media are characterized primarily by two factors: raw bandwidth (in Hertz), and noise/interference, which in turn determine the transmission capacity in bits/sec. Transmission capacity of a medium also depends on the  signaling technique (e.g., modulation) used to transmit the signal.  Discuss the evolution of transmission media up to now, and prediction of such evolution into the future, as the demand for bandwidth keeps rising.  Also explore signal handling techniques, such as modulation, OFDM, and MIMO, particularly used in wireless systems.