ISSC 455 Week 2 Interactive Lab



Product Description

ISSC 455 Week 2 Interactive Lab

Week 2 Interactive Lab

Hardware/Software Setup Required

S-Tools 4.0 (available at  _Use Finland! )

Data Stash v1.5 (available at

Optional resources




Problem Description

Steganography allows one to hide sensitive information inside image (and audio) files. Various tools are available for steganography purposes. Some of these tools combine steganography with cryptography and even watermarking.

In this lab, you will work with S-Tools 4.0 and Data Stash v1.5 to conceal a Word Document inside a JPEG file.

Estimated completion time: 60 minutes


Report the required steps for these tasks.


  • Hide a file with S-Tools
  • Hide a file with Data Stash

Summarize your processes and submit them under the Week 2 lab.

  • o After downloading the Lab 2, open it and enter your answers directly in the document.
  • o After answering the questions, save and upload the document in the Assignments section of the e-class room.
  • o Assignments are due by 11:55 p.m. Eastern Time on Sunday of Week 2.