ISSC 455 Week 3 Assignment



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ISSC 455 Week 3 Assignment

ISSC455 Week 3 Assignment Name: _________________________ Date: _____________ Fill in your name above, put your full response below each question, save the file
using the file naming convention:
“ISSC455_Week3_Assignment_LastName_FirstName.doc” where LastName is
your last name and FirstName is your first name, then return this document for
Upon reading Chapter 2 in your book, you should be able to provide information
regarding the below questions. You are required to answer the questions using at
least the book.
Assignment Rubric (100 Points)
Synthesis of Concepts
Writing Standards – APA format
Timeliness 1. What is the purpose of a write block protection device? 2. What is the purpose of a log register? 3. Identify and describe two types of forensic storage bags. American Public University System 60