ISSC 457 Steganography allows hiding sensitive information



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ISSC 457 Steganography allows hiding sensitive information


Steganography allows hiding sensitive information inside image (and audio) files. During a computer forensic investigation, you will most likely need to analyze image files as part of the evidence. In addition to viewing the image looking for any illicit content, you should also consider analyzing all images files for concealed data by means of steganography.

For this exercise, each student will use steghide to embed a Word document within an image file, but keep a copy of the original image file. Next, students post both the original image file and the modified image to the Week 8 – Assignment forum. Finally, each student will analyze both images form another student with any image viewer and with WinHex to determine the original file and the modified image.

Submission Instructions: Follow the directions in the ‘458_Week8_Assignment.doc provided as an attachment. Answer the questions, and detail your observation. Post the assignment to the Week 8 Assignments area for my review and grading and in the Week 8 Forum area for peer review and discussion. Assignments are due by 11:55 p.m. Eastern Time on Sunday of Week 8.
All assignments are graded on the rubric listed below.