MATH 062 DeVry Week 7 Discussion



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MATH 062 DeVry Week 5 Discussion


MATH 062 DeVry Week 5 Discussion


MATH 062 DeVry Week 5 Discussion

Linear Relationships (graded)

Did you drive to work or school today? When you are driving at a constant speed, the amount of gas left in the tank can typically be modeled by a linear equation. The equation y = -2x + 15 would represent a car that has a full 15-gallon tank and burns 2 gallons of gas an hour when x is the number of hours driven and y is the amount of gas in the tank. Find a linear relationship (equation) that you would use or rely on in your field when you receive your degree, and explain what it is and how it is used. Identify the initial condition, such as the full tank of gas above, and the rate of change. For a linear equation, the rate of change (slope) needs to be constant. If you can’t find one in your field, broaden your research to include any real-world application.