MGT 301 Complete Module Discussions Pack Latest-Trident



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MGT 301 Complete Module Discussions Pack Latest-Trident

MGT 301 Complete Module Discussions Pack Latest-Trident


MGT 301 Module 1 Discussion Latest-Trident

If you do a search on YouTube on SWOT analysis you will get a huge number of hits. Keep in mind that not all of these videos are from credible sources. Some are by students, so you don’t know if they got the concepts right or not. Others are by companies trying to promote their services, so you cannot be too sure if they are credible either.

Try to find one video that you think is both credible and helps explain the concepts of SWOT analysis in a very clear and understandable manner. Use the “Writing Style Guide” which is accessed under “Resources.” There is a section on “Identifying Credible and Reliable Sources” on page 16 that you should use as your guide to identify credible videos on SWOT analysis.

Share the link with your classmates and explain why you found the video to be credible and useful in helping you understand the concepts.

MGT 301 Module 2 Discussion Latest-Trident

The Matrix Organization

A common debate in management is whether or not corporations should use the matrix organization. In comparison with a strict hierarchy with one clear chain of command, a matrix organization can have two chains of command. For example, most organizations are divided into functional divisions (e.g., finance, marketing, operations, etc.) with a chain of command within each division. But in a matrix organization there may also be a separate chain of command for each geographical division or for specific projects.

Find a video on YouTube on the matrix organization that you think helps explain this concept, and what you found useful or credible about the video. Also, explain whether or not you think the matrix organization is a good structure or if you think it is just too complicated to work.

MGT 301 Module 3 Discussion Latest-Trident

Leadership Skills Assessment

On page 30 of Armstrong (2013) there is a leadership skills assessment questionnaire. Fill it out twice, once to evaluate your own skills and another time to assess your supervisor. How do your skills compare to those of your supervisor? What do you think you could learn from your supervisor, or what could your supervisor learn from you?

Also, discuss some ways that you might change your own leadership style based on the material from this module.

MGT 301 Module 4 Discussion Latest-Trident

Employee Monitoring Software

If you do a search on “employee monitoring software” on Google or YouTube you will find a huge number of advertisements for this kind of software. Managers can keep close tabs on what their employees are doing on their computers with this software, but it is also controversial. Using this software, your boss can tell if you’ve been doing your work or if you have been emailing your friends and posting pictures on Facebook all day.

Look at some YouTube videos on employee monitoring software and share your thoughts and video links. Do you think this software will make for a better and more productive workforce? Or will it lead to unintended consequences such as loss of employee morale?

MGT 301 Module 4 Reflective Discussion Latest-Trident

Summary and Reflection

Before taking the class, which of the four functions of management were you most familiar with and which one the least? Which function do you think you learned the most about this session? Also, which concepts from this class do you think you will be most likely to apply to your own career?