NETW 420 DeVry Week 1 Bi-Weekly Project Latest



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NETW 420 DeVry Week 1 Bi-Weekly Project Latest

NETW 420 DeVry Week 1 Bi-Weekly Project Latest



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Bi-Weekly Project: Week 1


During this course, you will be introduced to a variety of Network Management topics, all of which you will encounter again and again here at DeVry and in your professional career.

In this week, you will prepare a research report in which you will summarize and present what you have learned this week in your Introduction. Each exercise must be completed on a separate page of your report.


This week, you will prepare a research report that thoroughly answers the following two exercise questions.

1. Exercise 3 of Chapter 1 on page 49:

Draw the route diagram (Something similar to Figure 1.2 on page 8) identifying each node for the following data that was obtained using a trace routing tool. What is the average time a packet takes to travel from noc2 host to netman host?

noc2% traceroute

traceroute to (, 30 hops max, 40 byte packets ( 1.045 ms 1.012 ms 0.971 ms. ( 2.198 ms 1.404 ms 1.837 ms. ( 3.528 ms 1.671 ms 1.602 ms.

2. Exercise 18 of Chapter 1 on page 51:

As a network engineer in a Network Operations Center, you are following up on two trouble tickets. You do not have a network management system and you have to use the basic network tools to validate the problem before you can resolve them. Please explain what tools you would use in each case and how it would validate the customer complaint

(a) Trouble Ticket 100: Customer says that when he receives messages, the message is periodically missing some characters.

(b) Trouble Ticket 101: Customer in Atlanta complains that when she tries to log into the system in New York, she gets disconnected with a time-out. However, her colleague in her New York office reports that he is able to access the system.

The Project Report template link can be found on the Assignments page. The report should be at least two pages long of text (pictures are additional), font size 12, and double spaced. Your report should follow this format. Below is the grading rubric for the Week 1 Paper.


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