PSYCHOLOGY 304 Perceptual Phenomena



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PSYCHOLOGY 304 Perceptual Phenomena

In your forum “initial post” this week describe how one of the perceptual phenomena mentioned in the assigned textbook readings explains an everyday event that you have experienced or observed and then suggest how this phenomenon might have serious consequences. For the purpose of our discussions, we will define “serious impact” as something that has negative consequences to health and safety of the self or others rather than something that is inconvenient or embarrassing.

You should start each “initial forum post” with, “For my perceptual phenomenon this week I chose _____________(fill in this blank with the name of the phenomenon)”, then  give a brief description of how the phenomenon works (don’t dwell too much on this part – we can all read the details in the textbook or in an article – and instead just provide enough information so we all as readers of your post understand what happens when the phenomenon occurs) and describe both your everyday example of the occurrence of the phenomenon and how it could have serious consequences. The phenomenon can be one occurring in persons not suffering a particular condition (like the example below–pretty much everybody experiences what happens to our ability to differentiate colors and their brightness around dusk and that is not abnormal at all) or it can be the result of a disorder or injury. And of course, the phenomenon won’t always be about vision.