SCIE 131 Use the following equation



Product Description

SCIE 131 Use the following equation

Use the following equation to solve the questions below:

H2O(l)  +    Fe(OH) + O2(g)  =>  Fe(OH)(s)     unbalanced

(a) a)   Write the balanced equation, if the coefficient 4 is in front of the product, Fe(OH)3

Now use the balanced equation to solve the problems below:

b) Determine the number of molecules of Fe(OH)2  that are needed to product 4 moles of product

c)   How many grams  of Fe(OH)2 are needed be prepare 4 moles of Fe(OH)3 ?

d)    d)  Write the names and physical states  of each substance in this process.

Names of Reactants

Name of Product