SEC 435 Final Exam



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SEC 435 Final Exam

SEC 435 Final Exam


SEC 435 Final Exam

Question 1

____ occurs when an attacker intercepts packets with encrypted data and changes the destination address to forward the packets to a different destination on the Internet.

Question 2

____ is a wireless hacking tool for auditing wireless networks.

Question 3

____ is a free stumbler application for Mac OS X that puts the computer’s wireless card into monitor mode.

Question 4

A(n) ____ is a piece of wireless communication hardware that creates a central point of wireless connectivity.

Question 5

____ allows for the interconnecting of any type of fixed network technology and provides separate Quality of Service (QoS) for separate connections.

Question 6

In ____, an attacker sends a message that looks genuine, but in reality, the message is broken or fuzzed.

Question 7

TFTP servers usually use UDP port ____.

Question 8

A TCP ____ scan involves sending a TCP SYN-flagged or ACK-flagged packet to a commonly used TCP port on the target host.

Question 9

____ allows secure connections to any other PGPnet/IPSec host on the Internet regardless of whether the user has communicated with that host previously, without pre configuration of that host.

Question 10

____ is the process of unlocking the iPhone or iPod touch in order to install unlicensed applications, add new ringtones, or change the device’s wallpaper.

Question 11

____ involves sending messages to devices over Bluetooth.

Question 12

The ____ tool can be used to identify RFID tags.

Question 13

The ____ is the most important part of any network, so usually it is given a higher level of security.

Question 14

The ____ tool simulates the real-time scenario in which a large number of users make requests to a Web application.

Question 15

____ is performed by putting an artificial load on a server or application to test its stability and performance.

Question 16

____ shows all the passwords in the current Windows user’s password list (PWL) file.

Question 17

A ____ attack tries each set of possible groupings of every number, letter, and special character until the password is discovered.

Question 18

____ includes six types of password attacks: brute-force attack, distributed attack, mask attack, dictionary attack, hybrid attack, and pre calculated rainbow tables attack.

Question 19

____ attacks occur when the amount of data stored is greater than the memory allotted.

Question 20

____ is a Web application security testing tool that merges well-developed security algorithms with scanning and reporting.

Question 21

Which of the following tools can help to test cross-site scripting?

Question 22

____ are unique names used by database notification services to locate instance resources.

Question 23

____ is used to display active TCP connections, IP routing tables, and ports on which the computer is listening.

Question 24

____ is a client/server protocol that specifies a general log entry format and a log entry transport mechanism such as TCP or UDP.

Question 25

____ is used to secure information.