SOC 100 Strayer Week 10 Quiz 6 Latest



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SOC 100 Strayer Week 10 Quiz 6 Latest


SOC 100 Strayer Week 10 Quiz 6 Latest



SOC 100 Strayer Week 10 Quiz 6 Latest

This Quiz consists of 16 multiple choice questions and covers the material in Chapters 8, 17 through 18

Question 1

Zygmunt Bauman has written on what he describes as   , where modern citizens vie for a relationship to physical spaces and places, including countries

Question 2

The systematic disparities in income, wealth, health, education, access to technology, opportunity, and power between countries, communities, and households around the world are known as:

Question 3

The comparative economic measure that uses international dollars to indicate the amount of goods and services someone could buy in the United States with a given amount of money is known as:

Question 4

The idea that poverty of some countries is a consequence of their exploitation by wealthy, capitalist states is known as:

Question 5

About what proportion of fully illiterate adults are women?

Question 6

Which of the following countries is experiencing high population growth as a result of migration, rather than natural population increase?

Question 7

The tendency of population growth to continue beyond the point when replacement-rate fertility has been achieved because of the high concentration of people of childbearing age is referred to as:

Question 8

Which of the following countries has the highest life expectancy?

Question 9

What term is used to describe a constant rate of population growth that produces a population that grows by an increasing amount with each passing year?

Question 10

The science of population size, distribution, and composition is defined as:

Question 11

The development of increasing societal complexity through the creation of specialized social roles and institutions is referred to as:

Question 12

Which of the following theorists highlighted the importance of ideas in maintaining order and oppression in society?

Question 13

Voluntary, goal-oriented action that occurs in relatively disorganized situations is known as:

Question 14

An illegal, prolonged outbreak of violent behavior by a large group of people against individuals or property is referred to as:

Question 15

Temporary gatherings of closely interacting people with a common focus are known as

Question 16

According to Antonio Gramsci,   intellectuals are those who emerge from oppressed groups and create counter hegemonies that challenge dominant and dominating ideas.