SOC 100 Strayer Week 7 Quiz 4 Latest



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SOC 100 Strayer Week 7 Quiz 4 Latest


SOC 100 Strayer Week 7 Quiz 4 Latest



SOC 100 Strayer Week 7 Quiz 4 Latest

Question 1

The difference between the earnings of women who work full-time year round as a group and men who work full-time year round as a group is called

Question 2

The matrix of domination is a system in which

Question 3

Sex is defined as

Question 4

How early do sociologists believe parents begin socializing their children into gender?

Question 5

The “second shift” refers to

Question 6

When two or more people live together and have a legally or normatively recognized relationship, this is an example of which of the following social institutions?

Question 7

Marriage limited to partners who are members of the same social group or caste are referred to as:

Question 8

What expression does Talcott Parsons use to describe the family?

Question 9

Which of the following is an explanation for declining fertility rates in modern societies?

Question 10

Marriages may be legitimized by which of the following?

Question 11

School segregation based on residential patterns or student choice, despite the legal segregation being banned, is referred to as:

Question 12

What percentage of students who enroll in college complete a degree?

Question 13

A society in which access to desirable jobs and social status depends on the posession of a certificate or diploma is referred to as:

Question 14

_________ refers to the education of racial minorities in schools that are geographically, economically, and/or socially separated from those attended by the racial majority.

Question 15

Schools were originally established in the United States for which of the following purposes?

Question 16

The transmission of society’s norms, values, and knowledge base by means of direct instruction is referred to as