SOCI 220 landscapes of cultural consumption



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SOCI 220 landscapes of cultural consumption

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What does Grazian mean by the “landscapes of cultural consumption”? What are the effects and
hidden costs of the consumerist culture and its emphasis on style over substance on the society? Reference Grazian, David. Mix It Up: Popular Culture, Mass Media, and Society (for American Public University
System). W. W. Norton & Company, 10/2015. VitalBook file. The Week 7 Forum meets the following course objectives: · Describe examples of the different types of norms operative in popular culture, and
how these are related to the process of social control. · Apply key cultural theories and analytical dimensions for examining popular culture. · Explain how various elements of popular culture inform or reflect our attitudes,
behavior, and society and why the popular culture becomes popular. · Analyze culture within individual, social, historical, political, economic, and global
contexts. · Describe the cultural and social significance of popular culture in shaping the larger
contemporary American society. · Examine the roles of print media, art, music, radio, television, motion picture, the
Internet, sports, fashion, and technology in the development of American popular