SOCI 220 Social Media and Sports in American Popular Culture



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SOCI 220 Social Media and Sports in American Popular Culture

In need of help with my Annotated Bibliography. Not really sure how many pages. The topic that I have to do is listed below on “Social Media and Sports in American Popular Culture. I also attached an example annotated bibliography that my teacher gave me. I’m having a hard time getting this done because I’m on a business trip, and really need help with this assignment. This paper has to be submitted by 11:55p 24 Jul (tonight).

Part I.

1) Post the subtopic you researched for your annotated bibliography

The subtopic I’ve researched for my annotated bibliography is Social Media and Sports in American Popular Culture.

2) Briefly describe one peer-reviewed article you found on your subtopic

One of the articles that I found on my subtopic is called “Social media use builds fan avidity” by David Broughton ( It discusses how fans are able to connect with their favorite sports leagues through social media apps and sites, fans considering themselves bigger fans because of being able to follow their favorite teams on sites like Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites.  Social media is a great marketing tool for promoting and branding teams, and gives fans daily updates on players, parties, games, and etc.
3) Briefly describe one popular source you found on your subtopic

There was a lot of good information on about branding and marketing of sports teams.
4) Note a question related to your subtopic that you would like to explore in future research.

In what ways can social media enhance or degrade a sports team’s franchise (marketing, branding, promotions, player’s stats, personal lives, etc.)? What role does sports play in popular culture?

African Americans and Popular Culture 1 African Americans and Popular Culture
SOCI 220 – American Popular Culture
Professor Fuchs African Americans and Popular Culture 1 Abstract 1. The subtopic in American Popular Culture that I chose to learn about for this assignment
is African Americans and popular culture.
Since the first Africans, were brought to America by slave ships, They’ve had a profound
influence on American popular culture. What started off as them doing things to be reminded of
where they came from, has brought a signature style and traditions of ethnic culture to America,
that everyone around the world would soon emulate. Their influence on everything from Soul
food, Hip Hop Music, Breakdancing and even the clothing that they wear, has been popularized
all over the globe. It has become one of the most idolized subtopic in American Popular Culture.
As you look through American Popular Culture, African Americans influence can be felt
everywhere from the White House to the little farming communities out in Idaho.
2. Search Terms:
African Americans and Popular Culture
Soul Food
Break Dancing
Hip Hop Music
Hip Hop Clothing African Americans and Popular Culture 1 Source 1
1) Source Title "Saving" Soul Food Source 2
“A Taste of Louisiana: Mainstreaming
Blackness Through Food in The Princess and
the Frog” 2) APA-formatted Nettles, K. D. (2007). "Saving" soul Parasecoli, F. (2010). A taste of Louisiana: citation for food. Gastronomica, 7 (3), 106. Mainstreaming blackness through food in the source doi: princess and the frog. Journal of African 7.3.106 American Studies, 14 (4), 450-468.
doi:10.1007/s12111-010-9137-y 3) Source The source is a peer-reviewed source The source is a peer-reviewed source from the Evaluation from the APUS Library. APUS Library. 4) Relevance of This source is a historic look back at This source is a review of the movie “Princes source to the origins of soul food. The author and the Frog”, through which the author looks Subtopic speaks about how Africans after the at how Princess Tianna, is a strong black abolishment of slavery and post “Jim woman is looking to open a restaurant, where Crow” era, used food as a therapeutic she can prepare her African American & way to deal with their struggles with Creole cuisine. being misplaced.
5) 3-5 sentence This source reviews a November 22, This is Disney’s first African-American female description of 2006 episode of the “Today Show” protagonist in a movie. They use cooking as a source with Al Roker, who is interviewing a means of showing Tianna’s presence on black chef, named Delilah Winder, who screen, since slavery black women were is about to prepare a traditional soul looked upon as the best cooks. Disney attempts African Americans and Popular Culture 1 food meal for Thanksgiving. This meal to downplay soul food, in the movie because it will include everything from turkey, is more racially identified with African collard greens, baked macaroni and Americans, in an effort to not offend the cheese, rolls, sweet potatoes and corn. African American community, but also gaining She talks about how this southern meal more of an audience. Throughout the movie, was prepared by African Americans as her food is used to bring people together. one of the few good things they had to Which is the same thing that soul food did look forward after being removed from during its origins. their homeland. She spoke about the
family gatherings that accompanied it.
6) Strengths 7) Weaknesses The strength of this episode was that it The strength of the movie Princess and the showed the passion that Mrs. Winder Frog, was that it showed how one an African had for not only cooking, but for American woman can be a princess, but from cooking soul food a traditional African the soul food perspective, it showed how food American dish that everyone could can be used to unify not only African enjoy during this time of giving thanks.

Americans but all races. According to the author, they spoke of According to the movie, the only negative that the fact the meal although it tastes great I could get from the review was the 8) Analysis of 2+ and brings families together, it is also stereotyping of all black women loving to extremely high in calories and cook. Although there are some who really cholesterol. So it shines a bad light on enjoy it like other ethnicities, they could have it from a health perspective, and it given her a different occupation that wasn’t should not be consumed every day. stereotypical. When comparing the two sources they This source can be compared to source 1. African Americans and Popular Culture 1 sources both use African American women, Tianna has the same passion as Mrs. Wilder (compare/contras who both have a passion for cooking and eventually becomes a chef. They both t) soul food. While Mrs. Wilder is not a enjoy preparing soul food, and bringing real life Princess, she is an established families together. Although this was a cartoon, chef, who prepares the meals like the similarities are not mistaken. Tianna. Source 3
1) Source Title Improvisation in African-American Source 4
History of Breakdancing Vernacular Dancing 2) APA-formatted Jackson, J. D. (2001). Improvisation in Haus. (2002, January 10). History of citation for african-american vernacular Breakdancing. Retrieved May 16, 2016, from source dancing. Dance Research Journal, 33 African Americans and Popular Culture 1 (2), 40-53. of breaking.htm March 18, 2016, from 3) Source The source is a peer-reviewed source The source is a web source. Evaluation from the APUS Library. 4) Relevance of This source talks about the This source talks about the origins of source to Improvisation skills that African breakdancing. It also touches on how it has Subtopic Americans use while breakdancing