WEBD 311 Wireless Security



Product Description

WEBD 311 Wireless Security

Topic: Wireless Security

In a page or two, address these items: purpose for studying the topic, the problem or questions you will focus on regarding the topic, and the significance for studying the topic. Remember to include the citations and references for your study using the APA manual.

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Purpose Statement:
This is the most important statement in the proposal. It orients the reader to the central intent of the study and from it all other aspects of the research project follow. While there are a number of differing formats for purpose statements, in general the statement should present the central controlling idea in the study, focus on the central phenomenon under study.

Statement of the Problem or Research Question(s):

Based on the type of study to be conducted, present here a clear statement of the problem to be investigated or the specific research question(s) which will be addressed in the study.

Significance of the Study:

Delineate the significance of the research, what knowledge will it create, what gaps in our knowledge will it help fill, how will it advance the selected theory or theories, what new research methods will it advance, how the results may be applied to improve existing policy or procedures, etc.—as appropriate for the study.

List of References:
(need at least 5 scholarly resources and 2 other resources)
List all references cited in the proposal and any major works in the field consulted in preparing the proposal—limit this section to 1/2 page to 1 page of citations.